What is Roast to Order?

    Coffee, we drink it everyday and most of us drink it to wake up.  I personally drink about a pot a day for the taste of it. Very early in my career, I've found that the best tasting coffee's are the one's that have been roasted in small batches. At Grind House Coffee and Tea Company we ONLY roast to order.  Roast to Order means that we roast in small batches to ensure that your order is FRESH! So instead of you drinking a product that has probably been on a shelf, in a warehouse, for month's at a time.  You get a perfectly roasted product that goes from roaster, to grinder, to bag, to customer.  We pride ourselves on serving our customer's the freshest home brewed coffee's on the planet. And you what.... I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thank you , 

Bill Miller Jr.
Grind House Coffee Company