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Hey everyone,

Those of you that have known me for a while know that over the years I've ask you to send me names of folks that are in need. Either it was for Thanksgiving dinner or even Christmas. I've been blessed to feed families and/or purchase Christmas gifts for kids that weren't able to receive anything.

Earlier this week I contacted the City Gospel Mission here in Cincinnati asking them if we could partner up to feed, clothe and provide shelter for people and families in need. Yesterday they agreed with us to help them help needy families. I am excited for this opportunity to help some people that needs it!

So starting Monday......every pound of coffee we sell, Grind House Coffee and Tea Company will donate 10% of the revenue, from the pound of coffee, to the City Gospel Mission. Our goal is 2500 pounds of coffee which will equal $5000 toward the mission. With your help, we will provide food, clothing and shelter to individuals and families that need our help.

So join me and let's help someone receive the blessings we all have.

Love you,
Bill Miller


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